Jentzen Farms is a family farm in its  third generation responsibly growing quality produce, perennial bedding  plants, and poultry products.

Jentzen Farms sustainable farming practices

  • People out in the field hand weeding
  • Parts of the field in cover crop
  • Compost and Manure being spread on the feild
  • Chickens scratching the ground, eating herbs, grasses, and bugs - rotating pasture
  • The field never looking the same from one year to the next - crop rotations

People  out in the field hoeing, and cultivating by hand along with tractor  driven units getting rid of weeds and making room for our produce to  grow and flourish.

Parts of the field in cover  crop.  Cover crops are used as a means of giving to the soil what our  produce has used.  The legumes fix nitrogen from the air and bring it  back  the soil.  Healthier soil means healthier plants, healthier plants  means less need for pest control.  When pest do come into the picture  we use natural soaps and oils for pest control.

Compost and manure being spread on the field is yet a another way we give back to the soil.

Chickens  scathing the ground eating herbs, grasses, and bugs is one of the  greatest things to watch.  Pasture rotation is extremely important to  both the animal and the land.  We leave our livestock in one place  just  long enough to take what they need  and leave behind thiel gift to the  soil.  We supplement what they eat on pasture with locally grown grains.

The  field never looks the same from one year to the next, as a result of  crop rotations, and allows for maximum use of soil nutrients.  Different  crops use different nutrients and are also at risk of different disease  cycles.  This rotation allows for two to three years of production  before the soil is rested in pasture.


Products & Services

From the Feild

Our goal is to help you prepare delicious and nutritious meals for you  and your loved ones.  The nearly 30 varieties of fresh cut and flavorful  herbs and more than 100 different hand picked vegetables are key in  keeping all of us happy and healthy. 


Community Supported Agriculture is a subscription plan where our customers receive produce for a harvest season.  For 16 weeks you pick up the best vegetables we have to offer.  More info on our CSA Tab.  

From the Greenhouse

From Perennial bedding to herb and vegetable starts including heirloom  tomatoes we have nearly 300 variaties to pick from to make your garden  delicious and your landscape show stopping.  Not into sweating in the  garden, leave the produce to us.   

From the Coop

We raise our chickens with their natural tendencies in mind.  The laying  birds spend their time loafing in sunny green pastures with free access  to grass, bugs, and lots of room to run.  Our broiler chickens live in  floorless pens, that are moved daily, with access to plenty of grass and  bugs.  This makes for beautiful golden yolks and flavorful chickens for  Sunday supper.